7 april 2020

The Apostolate

The apostolic activity of the St Joseph’s daughters rise from the overflow of a profound spiritual and community life and from the wish to approach people to the source of joy which is Christ.

The care on the education of children finds its origin since the establishment of the order. In that period the duty of some Genoese matrons was addressed to prepare orphans, who were accommodated “under St Joseph defence”, for a social life.
“Daughters” regarded this activity such as an apostolic extension of their consecration to God, because it was the necessity of the time.
With time this educational care adapted itself to necessities and a school was established. Now it is an equal school which receives children from 3 to 10 years old.
In the relations with students and families, nuns don’t limit themselves to a simple transfer of notions and information. They necessarily transmit the riches of their Christian experience.


In addition to regular school lessons, we experience moments of Christian training for adults, esteemed “family days”, artistic and relaxing activities, all addressed to the spiritual growth of everybody.

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