7 april 2020

Vow of Chastity

There is a chastity to which each human being is evidently called. It is order in the person, it is wisdom, it is the aptitude to use all own faculty – without exception for sensuality- as means of gift of oneself. Chastity is part of the intimate necessity of people, who has been created “in the likeness of God”, and, by definition, God is Love, gift of oneself.
The more our life mirrors this image, the more we are real men and real women!

Than there is a very especial Jesus’ call. This is a “new condition of life”: the perfect Chastity “for the Kingdom of Heaven”. This is the explanation “for the Kingdom of Heaven” which lights the Vow of Chastity:
“Since the Kingdom of God is among us and the definitive salvation is working in the world, therefore is possible that some people, called by God, choose, from now on, to live in the definitive condition of the Kingdom. It is a prophetic existence”. (Rainero Cantalamessa)
It is a gift that God present to who He want, for the good of the Church and the whole humanity.
It isn’t a renouncement to be completely a woman, it isn’t inability to love. It doesn’t mean to go “against nature”, or better, it means to go against the corrupt nature in order to recover the real human nature. The human nature isn’t simply a whole of cells; it is a superior reality, of which we can understand greatness, if we think to what each man is called to: eternal life. Perfect chastity for the Kingdom of Heaven is a call of the fundamental vocation of each man: the call to eternal life.

With this consciousness and with our hearts full of gratefulness and joy, we, the St Joseph’s Daughters, take the Vow of Chastity for our entire life!

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