7 april 2020

Our Order

“Ut in omnibus glorificetur Deus”: we are nuns of a religious Community which was found in 1517. During the centuries our Community tried to keep its motto going.

“In order that in everything God would be glorified” is the key which allow the comprehension of our entire life and of our way to be. The Rule which defines our life by giving it a firm direction, with its precepts, brings us to the constant concern of being totally consecrated to God’s Glory.


Figlie di San Giuseppe - Chi siamo

Our vocation to glorify God in everything seems clear by the daily supremacy we give to the liturgy and to the fraternal life, which are essential and indissolubly connected elements.
In public we profess God’s Love through a lifestyle giving an absolute supremacy to interior contemplation, which is cherished and facilitate in our religious house. Naturally this attitude to prayer results in attention addressed to our Sisters and in apostolic energy spreading the precepts of the Christ.
These are the two basic “pillars” of our everyday life:

  • a profound community life in prayer and in simple gestures such as to share tasks, food, hours of relax and reading;
  • a daily task in the education of children through nursery and primary school, as well as the support which we offer to families and adults that want to intensify their faith.
Figlie di San Giuseppe - Chi siamo

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