29 january 2020

Ettore Vernazza

Ettore Vernazza is the famous spokesman of the spirituals children of St Catherine of Genoa, who was the guide of the “God’s Love” and was able to rouse the hearts of a lot of charity heroes in Genoa.

Ettore Vernazza

Ettore was a notary, he was married and he had three children. At an early age, he was left a widower and he decided to change his life according to that charity who induced him to make good actions using the ascendancy of his position. For this reason he moved into the Hospital of incurable patients in order to serve them personally.
He marked himself through the strength and the vigorous tenacity, which used to expand the charity actions already promoted in Genoa in the other Italian cities. He was unshakable toward the troubles opposed to the good of the neighbour.
He had at heart orphans, sick people refused by other hospitals because considered incurables, women who desired to redeem from a miserable life and prisoners; and he worked in their favour. To each necessity, this layman, who was enterprising in charity, was able to act with his great heart and putting his clever competence into service of the good.
He died as a charity hero: he contracted plague from his beneficiary.

For a deepening, we recommend:
“Ettore Vernazza, l’apostolo degli incurabili”, by A. Massobrio

Ettore Vernazza

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