7 april 2020

Vow of Obedience

The Vow of Obedience is the higher moment in the way of a consecrated soul and in a sense it includes the other two Vows.
Religious soul needs Obedience more than breath; it ceases to be a consecrated soul when it doesn’t live in Obedience.

Christ is our only model; his existence is includes between two invocations of Obedience: the “Ecce venio” of Incarnation and the “Consummatum est” of the Cross. This supreme Christ’s Obedience toward the Father is the victory which defeated the world, it is the final victory of Resurrection.
Evil came into the world through pride and its most injurious result: disobedience. Religious Profession is the answer to God’s call, addressed to update the victory of the Easter through our life. Obedience is the way, that the Christ showed us – by going through it-, in order to return to a full communion with God.

Voto di Obbedienza

Obedience represents the certainty to live in the Will of God and it put us in direct contact with Him: which kind of union could be deeper than the union which joins wills?
In order to be true, Obedience should be supernatural: the nun obeys to Christ by obeying to the Mother. We must always obey to God!
Obedience is the higher expression of our love of Christ and of our Faith in Him.

Voto di Obbedienza

By professing this Vow we follow the Rule and the common life and we submit our action to the judgment of the Mother: we obey immediately to the bell which calls us to prayer, to work and to refectory.
Obedience to recreation, to relax and to gather around the Mother, who speaks and leads us… in it we always feel God’s voice. He calls us by name and he asks us the sincere offer of ourselves, fusing His will with our will. Such us Jesus with the Father. It is the concrete actuation of the Sacrifice of the St Mass, which we attend: “For Christ, with Christ, in Christ…

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