7 april 2020

Vow of Poverty

The first synonym of evangelical beatitude that the Vow of Poverty allows us to live is freedom. Heart free from any kind of cupidity, from any personal desire, from any fear. Poverty means that we don’t own anything and we haven’t any trouble for material goods because, with the Vow, we surrender us to Divine Providence: it is faith in God, who takes care of us through our Superiors and the Community.

We don’t want to search anything outside God, anything of what the Community doesn’t offer in that moment. Life in common, which totally eradicates the vice of propriety, is guarantee of our poverty.

Voto di Povertà

We want to follow the model of the first Christian Community: Christ is our sole riches, His presence among us, His Love.

It is a sentimental and real Poverty. It is sentimental because, before of everything, it means detachment from ourselves, from our will, knowing how to find the presence of God in any situation. It is real because during the Profession we deprived ourselves of everything: we can’t own anything, if it isn’t allowed by our Superiors. We use some goods of this world for our material life and for the Apostolate, but our heart is completely free because we know that goods are only means and we trust in what the Community gives us day by day.

Voto di Povertà

It involves familiarity and simplicity used to ask for what we need, such us real poor people, who own the beatitude of Poverty.

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