7 april 2020

Our Rule

Our Rule has a monastic style even though we are Nuns with a profound life of apostolate. It has its origins in the Benedictine doctrine, which understands the consecrated life as a practical translation of the Gospel: a completely follow of Jesus Christ, our priority.

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Maybe we can resume the sense of our Rule in a letter of St Jerome: “You are not abandoned to your caprice but you live in a Monastery under the discipline of a sole Mother and with a lot of others sisters in order that from one you learn humility and from the other patience; from one silence and from the other docility. You don’t do everything you want, you eat what you receive, you accomplish your task in the settled measure, at all times you must be subject, you go to bed tired and you wake up when you haven’t finished to sleep. You begin to sing the Psalm when it is your turn, without to look for the melody of your voice, on the contrary, looking for emotions of your heart… You serve your sisters, you receive guests, you accept in silence corrections, you fear the head of the Monastery as a Mother Superior and you love her as a mother. You firmly believe that all of her orders are for your good and you never allow yourself to judge them because you own the good of obedience…”

What’s important is to understand that, in our opinion, the Rule hasn’t the function of a regulation without soul. It is the means which realizes in us the prayer in which Jesus implored the Father: “Father, such as you are in me and I am in You, let them be an only thing in us”. It is the most authentic desire of our life.

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