29 january 2020

St Joseph, man of God

We are pleased to have St Joseph as patron and father. Every day we recognize in him our life which is contemplative and active at the same time.

In the Holy Scripture, Joseph is defined as a “just man”, who collects any virtue; he is an obedient man – he accepts that the will of God upsets plans of his life requesting a full acceptance of the plans of God.


He is a chaste man, who lives a completely paternity taking care and educating Jesus; he is a poor man detached from material goods, but he must work hard in order to support decorously his family. In silence St Joseph can hear the voice of God in order to identify “His taste” and he put himself into service of the plan of Redemption.


St Joseph is so near to our simply and daily life, that honour him means imitate him in the continuous reference to God in each action, and to understand that the greatness of life is the love we use to agree to the plan of the Eternal Father.

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