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At the end of the 1400, in an atmosphere of vehement religious renewal, took shape groups of Christians: “Preachers of God’s Love”. They aspired to sainthood and to the deep interior change through means that the Church offered and that nowadays still offers: Grace, Sacraments and fraternal charity.

Comunità Figlie di San Giuseppe

These Preachers admitted God’s Love toward their brothers as the program of their spiritual life. This Love would have been more prolific in charitable works. Certainly, one of them was St Catherine Fieschi Adorno, who attracted to her mystical school a lot of lay and religious people longing for perfection. Among them, the aristocratic Ettore Vernazza, a notary with important positions in the Government of the Republic.

San Giuseppe

Inspired by St Catherine, Vernazza created various charitable activities such as the Conservatory of the poor Daughters. It was under St Joseph’s defence and took care of orphan girls preparing them for the future social life.
At the beginning, the task was developed by some aristocratic women. But soon took shape a little group of young girls, who in the wake of “God’s Love” looked for a major glory of God. They desired a community life organized by a Rule and in which they could offer their poverty, chastity and obedience to God.
Nowadays, this kind of life, which has soft monastic characteristics, holds on. Maybe it is advantaged by the fact that the Institute has never expanded and its only seat is in Genoa.

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