18 november 2019

Family meetings

Family meetings are privileged moments. Thanking them we understand that a “catholic school” isn’t only a didactical administration, on the contrary, it is a meeting place, a place where to growth Faith, a place where to share experiences.

These meetings follows not only a mere informative model: they are formative thanks to conferences about education, about Christian life, about current news. Meetings are relaxing during both religious and non-religious feasts, for example Christmas’ Concert, Carnival party, performance and lunch for the end of the school year. These meetings are sharing of experiences during pilgrimage, excursions and Sunday dedicated to Family with different activities.


The aim is to form a real CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY, such as at the beginning of Church: addressed to research God, to love God appreciating His presence; addressed to sincere friendship and sensitivity toward other people in both their spiritual and material needs. God created us with an unique and unrepeatable personality, but in us He put the irrepressible need to live “in common”, in “society”: we are not alone, we don’t have to close us in a solitary and egoistic life, neither individually nor as family.

We are part of the Church, we are part of the humanity! We must feel the sense of belonging and to be conscious that we will reach a full realization of ourselves only by the sensitivity toward the others and by the community. Our Christ, our Creator and our Teacher wanted and taught so. We want to extend our Christian Community, to share values, to support us with the advice, the help, the effective proximity. We want to be sensitive toward everybody, ready to “give the reason to the Hope which is in us” and to make our children grow in this atmosphere of real humanity!

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