18 november 2019

Our day


La nostra giornata

h. 5,00: getting-up time. When there is yet silence, quick for the joy of the meeting with Christ, we prepare us to pray.

h. 5,30: celebration of Morning Praises, breakfast, Meditation, Celebration of Tierce St Mass

h. 8,00: work (in school, in internal offices of Community. Everything is important, everything is service to Christ, who identifies himself in Community and in closer souls)

h. 12,00: (Saturday and Sunday): celebration of Sext

h. 12,30: lunch. During lunch we heard in silence the spiritual reading

h. 15,00: celebration of None

h. 15,30: work, till h. 17,50

h 18,30: celebration of the Office of Readings and Vespers (at all times solemnly sung); Thursday and Sunday: eucharistic adoration.

h. 19,30: dinner

h. 19,50: recreation, we meet in order to edify ourselves in turn using good words, we tell our day, we project activities, we laugh and joke…

h. 21,00: celebration of Compline (at all times solemnly sung). In that moment begins “the big silence”: each nun retires in her room observing silence until morning after the St Mass, in order to conserve the dialog with God.

h. 22,00: quiet

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