22 november 2019

The Praise of God and monastic prayer

The ancient consecration of a virgin – ceremony that we adopt for the Perpetual Profession- is similar to the ceremony of the dedication of a church. The nun is considered “domus orationis”, therefore our main task is the prayer.

Our Rule allows us to understand prayer as a style of life, as meditation, as silence made warm and populated by the Holy Spirit.
Considered in this way, such as respite of soul, as passionate research of the Will of God in order to be part of it, prayer is that “oratio indistrupta”, which Christ asks us in the St Gospel.

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This breath of the soul to praise God finds its maximal expression in the Celebration of the Liturgy of Hours: “We are ambassadress of the Church for God and we offer Him its homage, we plead its cause and we assert its rights. Therefore, when we are in chore, we have a kind of double personality: our individual personality, with poverty, weakness and fault; but also the personality of members of the Mystical Body of Christ. For this quality, we must present the needs of the society, which are so different and numerous, interceding with God. Christ is with us, as he clearly promised. He is the supreme hierarch, who receives our prayer and gathers praises in order to join them to His praises bringing them to the throne of the Father.” (Marmion)

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God’s Office is public prayer, which voices all creatures in order that they would praise God using the same words of the Holy Spirit.
Certainly the highest moment of our union with God is participation to the St Mass. It is clear that the most special and real presence of our house is the Eucharistic Presence. For this reason the Tabernacle must be the centre, the heart of our House. To the Tabernacle we want to reserve our constant, dear and discreet cares.
We must also reserve maximal importance to daily Meditation and to reading, especially about lives of Saints. Therefore our day is enveloped and warmed by the presence of God and by the constant and profound dialog with Him.

The Spirit prays through us in the Psalms

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