22 november 2019

Nursery school and Primary school

In our school education finds its meaning in the verb “TO EDUCATE”. It means: “draw from ourselves” and “lead”. It addresses our action to the education of the personality of the child, who has its characteristics in its spiritual inheritance. These characteristics must be lead to their harmonic and complete develop, they must be enriched with the knowledge of external elements as education and they must be guaranteed by the formation of a firm and balanced character facing tasks and difficulties.

Therefore there is nothing to repress, but everything to affirm. We must overcome those obstacles, which boasted with strength, are a limit for the real personality: egoism, domineering attitude, spirit of competition, superficiality, human and spiritual coolness.


This important mission takes place in an happy atmosphere of familiarity: we have tested that this climate is the “natural habitat” in order to let originate intellectual and sentimental potentiality of children.

The Nursery School is divided in two sections. Each section has a Nun as teacher. In class we act in order to develop potentialities in a gradual process. We privilege music, recitation, dancing, drawing and leaded play. Teachers follows common principles of planning such us teachers of the Primary School and they participate to the formation of the first classes.


The Primary School has five classes. In each class there are a basic teacher (she has the major number of hours), an English teacher, a physical education teacher and a music teacher.

There are both lay and religious teachers, who work in harmony on basic lines of education of the adopted teaching method.

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